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Sasha T
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A fresh tee with lots of drama. The Sasha T features an asymmetrical hemline, a-line fit, and a longer length perfect for pairing with your favorite leggings. 100% supima cotton. 19.5" short side, 27" long side. Made in the USA.
About Our Color - Garment Dye
Garment dye is the process that makes Fresh Produce clothing look and feel sun washed and beach worn. We sew up the style and dip it in a big vat of Fresh Produce color. The dye process creates natural variations in the depth of color throughout the garment. It’s especially noticeable on the seams of garments where there is thickness, and the dye is harder to penetrate. The process requires heat so all of our garment dyed clothing is pre-shrunk, soft, and fabulous! This is also why size specifications can be slightly different.

We use both reactive and pigment dyes in our garment dye process. Reactive dyes are liquid in form, and fully saturate the fabric. This is the most common dye process. Pigment dyes are in powder form, applied and typically washed in a silicone bath to bind the color to the fabric. Pigment dyes (such as Peri, Flamingo and Sunkissed) give a more worn, sun-bleached appearance allowing for slight variation of color between each garment. Color tends to fade quicker in pigment dyed styles due to the dye’s inability to fully penetrate the fabric. White is the only color dyed optically which increases the brightness of our whites.

Wash & Care - Keep Your Colors Bright
At Fresh Produce we're all about keeping it easy. Unless otherwise noted in the description, all of our products can be machine washed in cold and tumble dried on low. We recommend our garment-dyed pieces be washed separately and inside out before wearing. Please avoid contact with light colored fabrics and upholstery as there might be some color rub. Do not use detergent bleaches, stain removers, or fabric softeners. For stains, we recommend using a mild dishwashing detergent (Hint! DAWN) directly on stains, let sit for 15-30 minutes, then wash as usual.

  • - Wash garments in cold water before wearing
  • - Separate colors before washing
  • - Avoid using detergent with bleaches, stain removers, or fabric softeners
  • - Do not scrub fabric
  • - Check the care label inside garment for optimum results
Our styles fit just like our attitude—relaxed and carefree. Did we mention we hate fuss? Throw-on-and-go pieces are casual, easy-to-pair and designed to have you out the door in no time. Our clothes are crafted with a relaxed fit in quality fabrics meant to flatter and move, never to cling or restrict. The unique garment dye process gives each style it's own character—always pre-shrunk, soft and vibrant, ready to be worn again and again.
1X (16W-18W) 45" - 47" 38" - 40" 48" - 50"
2X (20W-22W) 49" - 51" 42" - 44" 52" - 54"
3X (24W-26W) 53" - 55" 46" - 48" 56" - 58"
Nice summer tshirt
Great t-shirt for year round weather here in Florida. Comfortable, durable and my basic go-to shirt for everyday. I have dozens of FP shirts.
Versatile & flattering
I’m a 1X, 5’2”-5’3” and 200 lbs.
I have this shirt in white (always a winning color) and a print in neon orange. Here’s what I learned from when I was 112 lbs and in the clothing business: cotton stretches! Just stick my hands inside and pull it out a (stretch it) evenly before putting it on to lay nicely over my bubble butt. Honestly, girls, you’ll thank me. Works the same to lay loosely over a plump stomach. These are very well made, washer/dryer safe (but wash the happy high intensity colors together separately so they don’t “bleed” onto other clothes (like when I turned my hubby’s white shirt pink...although he looks good in pink). The cut makes me look thinner and drapes well over my fresh produce capris. I wear it frequently...highly recommend as an essential if you’re in a hot climate.