Tax Holidays

Applicable in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and Texas.

To place your tax-free order applicable to the 2012 Tax Holidays in Alabama, Georgia, Florida,  South Carolina or Texas the following rules and restrictions apply:

1. In order for the taxes to be deducted, you must create an account and update your billing address with your Alabama, Florida, South Carolina or Texas billing address.  Make sure to place your order while logged into this account.  Create an account here.

2. Tax holiday is effective from 12AM first day of Tax Holiday to midnight last day of tax holiday.  ( See section below for actual dates per state)

3. The tax holiday does not apply to accessories, ie Bags, necklaces etc

4. The tax reduction will be itemized as a "discount" on your order.

Dates and item thresholds per state:

Dates:   August 3-5 2012
Price threshold for clothing - $100

Dates    August 10-11 2012
Price threshhold for clothing - $100

Dates:   August 3-5 2012
Price threshold for clothing - $75

South Carolina
Dates:   August 3-5
Price threshold for clothing - no threshold

Dates Aug 17-19
Price threshold for clothing - $100