What is Garment Dye?
Garment Dye is the process that makes Fresh Produce clothing look and feel sun washed and beach worn. We sew up the style and dip it in a big vat of Fresh Produce color. The process requires heat so all of our garment dyed clothing is pre-shrunk, soft and fabulous! (This is also why size specifications can be slightly different.) We love how garment dye brings out the individual personality of each garment, just like our customers, no two are exactly alike!

How do I care for my Fresh Produce?
We'd like to help you keep your colors looking fresh, so we've detailed some tips on garment care and stain removal.

Tips for keeping our colors bright:

  1. Wash garments in cold water before wearing
  2. Separate colors before washing
  3. Avoid using detergent bleaches, stain removers or fabric softeners
  4. Do not scrub
  5. Check the care label inside the garment

Stain Removal:
Use a mild degreasing dishwashing liquid (Hint! DAWN) directly on stains; let sit for 15-30 minutes, then wash as usual. All Fresh Produce garments are pre-shrunk. Color variances and/or fading are normal.

How do I care for my ME Collection?
Please take a look at the care label inside of your ME garment. Our first collection has a couple of specialty fabrics that require dry cleaning.