Who is Fresh Produce Handpicked?

Fresh Produce is a colorful, comfortable clothing company with 18 retail stores, 17 Handpicked stores, over 500 wholesale dealers, and a loyal following of customers. The Handpicked program is a unique, colorful opportunity for exceptional retailers to own and operate stores with the Fresh Produce brand name.

We are looking to partner in business with individuals who recognize and appreciate the strength of the Fresh Produce brand and who possess the ability to achieve success by owning their own “Fresh Produce” Store!

HP Partner Newport Beach, CA and FP Destin, FL
HP Partner Coconut Point Benefits of Being a Handpicked Dealer

As key business partners with Fresh Produce, Handpicked dealers receive a number of benefits including, but not limited to:

• Storefront “Fresh Produce” brand recognition
• Extended net payment terms
• Discounted wholesale pricing
• A dedicated HP Program manager and customer service rep
• Assistance with buying, marketing, store design, merchandising, employee training and much more!

Handpicked Dealer Testimonials

“Fresh Produce is a state of mind, as well as a state of style...” - Anne Krizman, owner of Laguna Beach and Manhattan Beach Handpicked Stores.

“As a dealer for 18 years, it’s still fun to hear our longtime customers say that visiting our Fresh Produce stores is one of the highlights of their Florida vacation. The loyalty to the brand is unparalleled.” - Scott Brogan, owner of five Handpicked stores.

“The name ‘Fresh Produce’ hanging above the door is magic!” - George and Kim Mischik, Hilton Head Island Handpicked store owners.

FP Phoenix, AZ and FP Anaheim, CA
Become a Handpicked Partner!

If you are interested in getting to know us even better and potentially
be a part of our Handpicked Dealer Family, then let us tell
you more about our Handpicked program.

Contact us at Handpicked@fpcolor.com or 1.800.800.0826 ext. 3279

By wearing FP, we hope you shine brighter, enjoy life a little more and are
inspired to be your best! Add a smile to your wardrobe and while you’re at it,
share the sunny outlook that we all know and love to be Fresh Produce.